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January 10, 2009 - Family Pix

We've had serial houseguests in late December, early January. First, my sister Faith and hubby Morty came for Christmas, Then Annie's sister Tanya came, with her new boyfriend Barry, on their way from New Mexico to a long (several months) vacation in Mexico. Then, overlapping Tanya's visit by a few days, Tanya's oldest son Ray came from Seattle with his wife Souhir and their baby Sofia. On the 10th, Reed, Lisa, Zac and Lucy came out for the day. Many pix were taken. Here are a few:
Ray & Souhir put hat on Sofia

We had a couple of beautiful days while company was here. This was the nicest so we hung out on the beach.

My shutterbug instincts must have been a little off because the shot below is, unfortunately, the only one we got with Tanya and Barry in it.

Success! The hat is on. Souhir and Sofia with Ray, Barry and Tanya in background
Lucy and Sofia eating
Nana, Lucy and Sofia
Sofia peeks out
Zac pushes Sofia on swing
Lucy reaches for a book LucyBeautyShot
Sofia and Lucy check out the literature
Ray Sofia and Sawyer
Meshpucha on couch

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