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December 4, 2009 - Winter Garden Pix

Today. December 4th, we had snow flurries. The gardens were covered for most of the day to guard against more serious snow which never came. But the temperature here in the Hill Country at 8:00pm is 30 degrees and it's fixin' to get quite a bit colder before day break so it's all covered up tight as I could get it. Here's hoping. Meanwhile, a fire is burning in the wood stove and it's comfy inside with no assistance from the central heat so far. Anyway, here are some garden pix I took two days ago.
SW bed - purple flowers and Sawyer the cat

SE bed with lantana in bloom

Broccoli, brussels sprouts and Italian parsley
We still had habaneros and jalapenos, at least until yesterday. I had already put up 6 jars of hot peppers this year but still got 40 habaneros from this plant yesterday. Didn't want to take a chance on losing them to a hard freeze.
Chard, etc.
Lower garden with raised beds
Parsley, etc.

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