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October 19th, 2005 - Ric's Birthday Kayak Picnic

The river and weather were spectacular, as they so often are around my birthday. Annie put together a yummy picnic dinner, we went for a quick swim then hopped in the kayaks and headed upstream. We paddled and played until we stopped about a mile up at a perfect sandy patch above a big rock and under a gorgeous cypress tree. There we feasted on smoked salmon and chicken salad, cheese, olives, raspberries, macaroons and proseco - a perfect birthday.
Annie kayaks up to our picnic spot We love our versatile little kayaks. The bungees on back allow an amazing variety of cargo options.
Annie closer. Couldn't see her well enough in that last shot so here's my glamorous boatin' baby.
Annie even closer. I don't know about you but I just can't have too many pix of this river beauty?
Ric with sun rays. In case you were wondering, I was there too. Here's the evidence.
Ric backlit.
I know, I was suffering but please don't pity me too much.
Ric on rock with basket. Here's that aforementioned rock being kept warm by the birthday boy. The river behind me was one of our views.
River stump with grasses. And here's another view from our picnic site.
Picnicing lovers. Finally, the obligatory self-timer shot of the happily picnicing pair.

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