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November 7, 2009 - Lucy's 2nd Birthday Party

Our beautiful granddaughter Lucy turned 2 and Reed and Lisa threw a party in Ramsey Park. Here are the pix (all by Grandpa Ric except where noted).
Lucy in a playground ballet

Here is some wonderful, spontaneous playgroundchoregraphy. No one could have made this happen.

Sweet Lucy in a dark place
She hadn't yet warmed up to me for the day but was a bit curious.
Lucy enjoying the swing Swinging makes our little girl happy.
More swinging She's a swinger. Don't know the other kid.
Delight on the swing Delight.
Nana pushing Lucy swinging
Nana pushes Lucy on the swing. The woman in the background is Maryann's friend, whose name I cannot remember. She is either pushing her kid on the swing or playing freeze tag.
Lucy trapezing on the swing Lucy in a rare moment, exposing her belly for a tickle by Nana. In the background, Grandma Turid looks up, Mama Lisa is amused and Dave points something out to Julia.
Cake is served Reed cuts the cake - delicious!
Lucy crying Lucy has spilled soda on herself and even the cake doesn't dry the tears.
Lucy on slide Lucy wants to play with the miniature baseballer.
Lucy sliding "D'oh, what have I done?"
Zac and Lucy on slide Big brother Zac takes Lucy down the slide.
Grandpa and Lucy on slide And grandpa takes a turn, too (photo by Zac).
Grandpa grins Grandpa and Lucy blown by the wind (photo by Zac).
Zac relaxes on the slide Exhaused from all that sliding and picture taking, Zac takes a nap.

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