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On January 1, 2005, a group of Austin and Hill Country artists gathered on a beach by the Pedernales River to create a tribute to environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy. The informal group, which we called River Glyph, produced several works. The pieces created then can be viewed at www.aimproductions.com/BeachArt and please check out the video of that event too.

A few of the original River Glyph participants got together again in May of 2008 to shape some pools in the Pedernales River near a crossing. Here is a photo that Mara Eurich took that day. And here is a video of that event.

River Glyph 3 took place back on the beach on February 7, 2009 and several of the participants from the first iteration returned for this one (plus a few more). The artists, in the above photo by Ric Sternberg, were (from left to right) Nelson Guda, Tammy West, Deborah Robertson, David Winfrey, Chevon Winfrey, Skip Gerson, Sue Barnett, Andrea McCartney, D'Lynne Morin, Ian Sinnett, Katie Jensen, Annie Borden and Ric Sternberg. Participants who could not stick around for the picture were Anne Byrd, Frank Meyer and John Worrall.

This "circle" was actually a long oval, designed by John Worrall to appear to be round when viewed from a certain perspective. It was raked into existance by the whole crew. The photo is by Ian Sinnett. Oval Circle
Here's another view of that circle, shot by Tammy West. Circle with branch
The group also built Katie Jensen and Sue Barnett's concept - this giant snake. Annie Borden sculpted the head and David Winfrey shot the picture. Sand snake
Tammy West shot this photo of that scary snake. She was very brave to get that close. Snake head on

This water snake made of grass was another of Sue Barnett's ideas. It too was assembled (all 100' of it) by the group at large. The photo is by David Winfrey.

Then there were several individual projects done, like the below grass ring. The photos are by David Winfrey

Snake of grass
Tossing the grass ring
Don't know who replanted these pods. Ian Sinnett took the picture. Water flowers

Nelson Guda loves stacking rocks. He can do it all day. This pic of him in action was taken by Deborah Robertson.

Nelson stacking

Deborah also took this pic of one of Nelson's stacks.

Below are some group shots of Nelson's rock stacks. These pix were by Ric Sternberg.

Nelson's stack with babies
Stacks of rocks by Nelson.
Here's a combination of a found object with delicately balanced construction. Ian Sennett used the rusty old car part that has been sticking out of the beach for a long time and did a tricky balancing act. Ian also took the picture. Steel, wood and rock
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