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November 8, 2005 - Sawyer the Cat & Garden Update

The past couple of weeks have seen the garden greens grow gloriously. But the main story here is our goofy cat, who is endlessly creative in discovering new places to sleep and the associated positions for maximum comfort.
Sawyer the cat asleep in a flower pot on the porch. You might not be able to tell from here but he is actually asleep. How he does it with that oversized body in an undersized flower pot is beyond me.
Cat in the pot - close.
Here's the close shot - the kitty-sleep technique revealed.
Cat in pot grooming.
With all my photographic attention, I did eventually wake the little feller who immediately began to clean up, never leaving his perch. Must be comfy for him?
Upper garden with lettuce and spinach.
This is the upper garden. Soon, we'll have an overabundance of lettuce.
Lower garden with broccoli.
The lower garden's greens are more mature. Gotta pick it or else. The broccoli and cabbage are getting close to heading size. Oh boy!

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