Banner - Washington DC Peace March - 9/24/05
These pictures were all taken by my lovely wife Annie Borden while we participated in this historic march - the biggest demonstration yet against the illegal, immoral and fiscally irresponsible war being waged against the people of Iraq by the Bush-Halliburton-Bechtel-Blackwater cabal.
The devil puppeteer controls the Cheney puppet which controls the Bush puppet
Serious subject - lots of laughs. Great street theater all the way.
Signs say "Buddhas Not Bombs" & "Bring the Troops Om".
Abundant religious imagery points out pious leaders' hypocrisy .
Billionaires for Bush demonstrate in tuxedos and evening gowns Sign says "Cronyism IS Competence"
Billionaires for Bush! Need we say more?
Men & women reveal all and display their banner that says "Breasts not Bombs"
Needless to say, this group was a photographer magnet.
Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice in prison jumpsuits.
Ahhh! We can dream, can't we?
Women of all ages and ethnicities carry a banner that says "Women peacemakers of the world unite".
Women wearing red, white and blue as well as huge rocket dildos sing satirical songs.
Here's a women's group of a different stripe.
Women seemed to dominate this demo - Lysistrata revisited.
Bush character and Halliburton character exchange money. Sign says "Proof of Unintelligent Design - Impeach George W. Bush"
Of course, our butthead of a president was the butt of many sayings, parodies and jokes.
Big crowd of marchers passes a big government building.
Too bad there was really no way to show all 250,000 people.
Jueri posing in front of 3 mounted police.
Our friendly neighbor Jueri, overcoming his fear of cops & horses
Sign says "King George the Incompetent" and shows Bush as Alfred E. Newman.
Cutout signs say "War is Not Healthy for..." and "Love not Hate"
The prez as Alfred E Newman (or is it Ted Koppel?).
Nice craft projects.
Woman with signs saying  "Look Around You and See Our Power" and "Enough Already"
Woman with a Bill Clinton head. Sign says "Bill for First Lady"
Kind of sums it up, doesn't it?
OK, but isn't Hillary the one who wants to send more troops?
The march passes the Whitehouse.
Here we are at ground zero. Of course, nobody's home. Is anyone ever?