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December 24-25, 2009 - Xmas at Grandpa & Nana's

We had a wonderful Christmas eve and Christmas day with Reed, Lisa, Zac and Lucy - warm fire, warm vibes, nothing but fun. Annie slaved away in the kitchen and made a fantastic dinner. I didn't help much, I'm afraid, but somebody had to play with Lucy and Zac, right? After dinner, Reed assembled the wagon that Annie and I bought for Lucy. I tried to kibitz Reed's assembly efforts but then it seemed like more fun to join the others in a game of dominos. After the game, Lisa joined Lucy in the guest bedroom and Reed, Zac, Annie and I all piled into our bed and watched an episode of Monk (from Netflix) on the projection screen before retiring to dream of reindeer and sugar plums.

Zac & Lucy by the fire

Zac is a very sweet and attentive big brother. He and Lucy have a squirmy but terrific relationship

Lucy and Zac
Lucy Squirming Sometimes, Lucy can be tough to hold on to. She is big, heavy (not fat but solid) and strong.
Zac playing drums with Lucy watching Lucy worships her big brother and follows him around adoringly.
Reed, Zac & Lucy on floor Reed, reclining by the fire, is joined by his kids in similar form.
Reed & family overhead
Ric Annie and Zac on couch After dinner, Lucy has gone to bed and Annie gets a break from the kitchen.
Lucy wakes Reed

It's Christmas morning and Lucy is the first one awake.

"Wake up, daddy and look at my new tricycle and wagon!"

Zac waking up Despite the day, Zac takes his time getting out of bed.
Lucy gets a snack Lucy gets her first breakfast before the chaos begins. She will eat again when we have breakfast later.
Lucy with tricycle I was still asleep when it happened but, I'm told, when Lucy saw this trike she started jumping up and down.
Lucy pulling the wagon The wagon is a big hit too. Here Lucy moves it into place to fill it.
Lucy filling the wagon. And in go all the animal friends.
Zac & Lucy Finally awake, Zac warms up by the fire.
Zac as Santa Once warmed up, Zac takes on the majority of the Santa duties.
Lucy unwraps pack
Lucy & Zac
Group by tree

When all the presents have been distributed, we feast on Annie's fabulous sausage souffle, fruit salad, sweet bread and mimosas.

After breakfast, we make a few attempts to take a traditional self-timer group portrait by the tree. This is try #3. Annie is still in her sassy pajamas (as Lisa calls them).

Zac pulls Lucy Then we go out for our traditional walk around the neighborhood. Zac gets the fun job of pulling Lucy in her new red wagon.
Zac pulls Lucy
Lucy looks back
Group walking
Reed takes over Out on Fearless Treadway, Reed gives Zac a break from his wagon-pulling job. Note that Sawyer the cat has come all the way with us.
Ric in pic Now we go back downhill through the ag field. Nana has taken the camera so grandpa can get in a picture.
Zac and Lucy into the sunset
Heading on down the road after a beautiful walk.

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