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October 22nd, 2005 - Fall Gardens are Popping

I love the fall. Why do I love the fall? What's not to love? The skies around here are at their finest, the river at it's cleanest and most spectacular. Shades of green that had been hiding from the summer sizzle dare to reappear. And the gardens, oh the gardens! Fresh greens that couldn't take the caliente days eat up the autumn sun with relish. Then there are the flowers - the summer-shy flowers make their grand re-entrances. Reds of various shades are popping, a hummingbird's dream.
Blooming bougainvilla & salvia That bougainvillea (in the pot) had not bloomed since 2003 when Annie brought it home. But baby, look at it now! I guess it was shamed into action by the prolific salvia next door, which blooms a couple of times a year.
Watering the lower garden
In the lower garden I've planted some lettuce, chard, bok choy, mizuna, cabbage and broccoli - all from plants. Still playing (from the summer garden) are basil and peppers (on the left) and okra (upper right)
Watering upper garden with house in background In the upper garden, I started a couple of types of lettuce and some spinach from seed. On the right are a few arugula plants left from the summer and a couple of lettuce plants I stuck in to fill up some empty spaces. On the left is the asparagus patch, which will be ready for light picking in the spring (but no heavy cutting until the next spring).

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